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Club Meeting M-B Brisbane

 First Wednesday of the Month

6th Nov Monthly club meeting cancelled due to the G20

Runs - Oct

Oct 15th - 19th  The inaugural Gold Coast Festival of Elegance

Oct Sat 25th – “The Great Orr Experience” – Bribie Island

Nov Sunday 2nd  Enthusiasts Day

Nov 4th - Melbourne Cup event

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The Mercedes-Benz Club of QldInc.Welcomes you!

The club welcomes both members and vehicles of all ages.


In 2014, The Club proudly entered its 43rd year.

Each year our membership increases and the friendships between members grow stronger.

Membership is open to all Mercedes-Benz owners or intending owners.

Mercedes-Benz Club of Qld. Inc.
PO Box 362 Spring Hill Qld. 4004
Tel. 1300 661 677


Email: membership@


Membership Application Form: Below- Please Download and Print

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